14th Annual Specialty Coffee Conference

May 3—6, 2002 Anaheim Convention Center

YOU ARE INVITED... to the Specialty Coffee Association of America's (SCAA) 14th Conference & Exhibition: A "Celebration" of 20 Years of Specialty Coffee Retailing. The educational sessions have returned to the original concept of designing the curriculum around "tracks" focused on the educational needs of our membership Roaster, Roaster-Retailer, Retailer - Single Unit, Retailer - Multi-Unit, Producer, and once again a special Spanish language track, Amigos del Café, on selling specialty coffees in the North American market. Following on the success of last year’s program concept, we will be presenting a full day of Intensive Seminars on Friday, and our Skill Building Workshops will be offered over a three-day period Saturday through Monday, so everyone interested in attending these unique, hands-on training sessions has ample opportunity. For additional information go to http://www.scaa.org. We hope to see you there!

A Letter From the President of SCAA

It’s hard to believe that our annual conference is quickly approaching. In fact, if you have not made travel arrangements, you’d better get moving! Registration has never been easier with our online Show Guide.

As you will see, we have an absolute jam-packed show. More than ever before, we have rich, in-depth sessions that covers every facet of our industry. Steve Colten and his committee spent many hours studying your comments from past years and implemented many, many of your suggestions. The result? Well, I think you will see it by looking over the content. Whether you are a retailer, a roaster, importer, producer, etc., there are multiple sessions that are specifically designed to address you and your particular needs and interests.

More than any other event in the world, our conference draws together under one roof, a "who’s who" of the coffee business on a global level. As it relates to coffee, if you can’t find it at our show, you probably cannot find it anywhere. And I’ve always been amazed at how you can simply walk up and talk to all of our industry legends. One can find Kenneth Davids, George Howell, Dan Cox, Don Schoenholt, etc. and find that they are anxious to help you. What other industry in the world is like this? I feel we are truly fortunate to have these kind of people who remain as committed and passionate to the industry as they were when they helped form it twenty years ago.

This year marks a particularly poignant time to get together with old friends and associates. It’s also a perfect occasion to make new friends and acquaintances. We in the coffee industry are drawn together by our passion and commitment to humanity as much as we are by our businesses. This past year was difficult for many of us on a variety of different levels. But, we survived, we made it, and we are stronger as a result. We reached out and helped our friends in NYC and Washington; we have been working exhaustively on programs that can increase the price that farmers are paid for their coffee; and we demonstrated to the world that we are as committed to our fellow man as we are our to our own businesses.

It is time to get together to learn, to share and to celebrate. For most of us, coffee is a passion, a mission…truly a way of life. One cannot separate people from the product because in the end, it’s all about people. We are blessed with truly wonderful people who pour out their hearts and souls to make this world a better place. Coffee is the product that brings us all together and makes this happen. The Specialty Coffee Association of America is different than any other association in the world, period. For twenty years we have been demonstrating this and our commitment to quality, to people and to environment has not wavered. We "walk the talk" more than any other association that I know.

So, come to Anaheim and experience the richness, joy, and fun. Come and share your passions and interests with us; we want to listen to what you have to say. As past attendees can attest, our conferences are FUN! We have learned a lot of things from our producer friends over the years, and one of the most important things that we have applied to our annual conference is the need to lighten up and have some fun. Life is short and if nothing else, this past year indelibly imprinted this lesson into our psyches in a way that most of us will never forget. As the recent saying goes, "It’s the people, stupid!"

Come to Anaheim to learn, to grow and to reach out. You’ll find 8,000 other coffee souls waiting for you.

See you in Anaheim!


Danny O'Neill
President, SCAA

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