Achieving Success in Specialty Coffee
A Bellissimo Coffee InfoGroup Publication

Bellissimo Coffee InfoGroup continues its tradition of producing high-quality educational materials with the publication of Achieving Success in Specialty Coffee, a 320-page operational manual for both new and existing specialty coffee retailers. "Dozens of books are available instructing individuals on how to get started in specialty coffee," comments Bruce Milletto, president of Bellissimo. "But few, if any, are available to assist them in profitability once they are open. We published this book because we saw the need for a definitive resource for the specialty coffee retailer in the area of operational expertise."

Achieving Success in Specialty Coffee is as passionate a business operations manual as you will ever read. Each of the book’s 23 chapters is written by an expert in specialty coffee, an industry that elicits from its producers, promoters, and purveyors emotions as strong as the brew itself. In this invaluable book, the most knowledgeable individuals in specialty coffee share their enthusiasm and expertise with the established or new-to-the-market retailer who is serious about operating his or her specialty coffee business at an elevated level and achieving maximum profitability. Marketing, customer service, staff training, equipment function/maintenance, and product information are just some of the areas discussed in-depth to help retailers devise their own personal strategies for success. The book will retail for $69.955 with wholesale discounts available.

The book has been endorsed by the major coffee industry trade publications as well as by the president-elect and four past presidents of the Specialty Coffee Association of America. Linda Smithers, president of Susan’s Coffee & Tea and a former SCAA president, calls the book a major addition to industry literature: "Achieving Success in Specialty Coffee is equivalent to having 23 mentors ready, willing and able to help the specialty coffee retailer achieve business success," says Smithers. "While reading this book, I felt as though I was talking with the authors. The information provided in each chapter is well organized and encourages the reader to take action. Congratulations Bellissimo on another success!"

The book’s 23 chapters are organized into six sections: Your Coffee, with chapters by Kenneth Davids, Dr. Ernest Illy, Ted R. Lingle, Mauro Cipolla, Kevin Knox, and Chuck Jones; Your People, with chapters by Bruce Milletto, Bruce Mullins and Don Holly; Your Equipment, with chapters by Joe Monaghan and Peter Kelsch; Your Marketing, with chapters by Shea Sturdivant Terracin, Kate LaPoint, Ward Barbee, David Griswold, and Sherri Miller; Your Coffee Business, with chapters by Kent Holloway, Sue Gillerlain, Eric J. Schiff and Tom Palm; and Related to Coffee, with chapters by Laura Gorman, Wendy Rasmussen and Ed Arvidson.

Bellissimo Coffee InfoGroup is well known in the specialty coffee industry and is the producer of such coffee industry media and books as the award-winning video-training tool "Espresso 101" and the start-up manual Bean Business Basics. Bellissimo can be reached at 800-655-3955 or on the World Wide Web at .

The Coffee Book:
Anatomy of an Industry from Crop to the Last Drop

by Gregory Dicum and Nina Luttinger

The coffee landscape has been growing in size and diversity like never before--if you're in the industry, you already knew that. But your customers might not have. While a charming neighborhood cafe that serves delicious espresso-based drinks may have opened up down the block, it is sometimes hard for consumers to see the bigger picture.

With the growth in interest in coffee itself has grown an interest in the industry. Now everyone knows about their local cafe, but many consumers are also interested in the industry in general; in the historical, economic, and cultural trends that have made possible today's vibrant coffee scene.

With the publication of our new book, "The Coffee Book: Anatomy of an Industry from Crop to the Last Drop," we have found that there is a vast untapped desire for information among consumers. Our book has resonated with more than just die-hard "Java junkies" -- every coffee drinker who casually picks it up becomes engrossed in the detail and fascinated by the information. This is the perfect book to recommend to friends and customers who want to know more about how the coffee came to be in their cup. And even if you're already in the industry, you'll love the concise and accessible information about important historical and current trends in the business.

Indeed, much of the diversity of today's coffee scene depends upon information. Gone are the days when consumers were satisfied to know only that a certain coffee was "mountain grown" or contained "flavor crystals," whatever those are. Now, much of what makes coffee special is the information that comes along with the cup.

Today's discerning coffee drinker wants to know about origin, roast, blending, and freshness--and that's just at the level of the bean. Coffee drinkers have an innate appreciation and curiosity about every aspect of their favorite beverage. They are eager to learn about the goatherd Kaldi, the legendary discoverer of coffee, or about the enthusiasm and alarm that met the bean as it spread throughout the Old World. More recent history--such as the development of instant and decaffeinated coffees, as well as the role that coffee served as part of the bulwark of America's Cold-War policy towards Latin America--is equally appealing. And learning about modern debates over cultivation methods and marketing approaches enables drinkers to feel that they are participating in this history, not just enjoying a cup of Joe. All of this adds to the experience of drinking a fine coffee well-prepared.

Specialty coffee drinkers are among the most educated and affluent in our society, and their sophistication and receptiveness to new ideas is well-known (indeed, the latte is virtually a symbol of sophistication and worldliness in some quarters). Perhaps this is why we are seeing such positive response to the publication of our book.

Coffee is indeed a remarkable cultural fixture. It ranges from swill-quality commodity to sublime perfection. The breadth of the coffee and coffee drinks now available means that there's something for everyone, and coffee remains welcome anywhere, at any time of day. That coffee is one of our most enduring--and rewarding--social habits and pleasures means that the current interest in all things coffee is much more than just a fad, but rather is a deepening and enriching that will only continue.

The book is available from Bellissimo Coffee InfoGroup or, if you'd like to carry it in your store or cafe, call 800-233-4830.

--Gregory Dicum


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