Over the past two years, Virtual Coffee.com has brought you articles and photographs chronicling the three-year Odyssey of the making of "The Passionate Harvest," the definitive video detailing coffee production from seed to cup. We hope you enjoyed the journey as much as we did. The video, produced by Kenneth Davids and Bruce Milletto, has just been released to high accolades and is now available to the home consumer from Bellissimo Coffee InfoGroup at espresso101.com.

It was a long-held dream of both Kenneth Davids and Bruce Milletto to produce a definitive teaching tool about the origins of coffee. They began to discuss the logistics of such a project in 1997 when both were serving on the education committee of the Specialty Coffee Association of America. Davids, a noted coffee writer, is the author of Coffee: A Guide to Brewing, Buying & Enjoying, Espresso: Ultimate Coffee and Home Coffee Roasting. Milletto is the owner of Bellissimo Coffee InfoGroup, producer of specialty coffee training materials, most notably the start-up/operational manuals Bean Business Basics and Achieving Success in Specialty Coffee, and the video-training tools "Espresso 101," "Espresso 501," "Everything BUT Coffee," "Spilling the Beans" and the "Art of Coffee."

The result of their collaboration is an historic video for the specialty coffee industry and coffee consumers worldwide. It is a vision of the worldwide specialty coffee community that recognizes and honors the passion and commitment of its members. "The specialty coffee industry is in the process of creating a genuine global coffee community, in which producers and consumers come to understand their common interest in creating better coffee and a better world," Kenneth Davids, writer and co-producer of the video, points out. "By giving the consumer and those who communicate directly with the consumer an intimate and technically sound look at how coffee is produced and the people who produce it, The Passionate Harvest will be a major contribution to those goals."

The video takes a detailed look at the inner workings of the diverse processes involved in coffee production, emphasizing the enormous amount of effort and care required to produce quality coffee. The video was shot in four of the world's preeminent coffee-producing countries—Guatemala, Brazil, Kona and Ethiopia—and provides an authoritative overview of coffee botany, growing, husbandry, and processing methods, and their relationship to cup character and quality. The video also discusses the hot-button environmental, social, and economic issues connected to coffee. The video features the unforgettable faces of the people who grow and process coffee, showing how much care, intelligence, and passion they put into their work to produce it right.

"The Passionate Harvest may be one of the most important videos ever produced about coffee," says Bruce Milletto, the video’s director. "It allows viewers to travel around the world from their armchairs and learn about–as well as appreciate–the thousands of steps and man hours that go into the production of the brew known as specialty coffee."

A soundtrack from the video has also been released and is also available from Bellissimo Coffee InfoGroup. Entitled "Java Roads: Music from The Passionate Harvest," The CD includes twelve original coffee-inspired songs by Gordon David Kaswell,, including Sao Gotardo Heat, Yirgecheffe Morning, Fernando's Dream, Latino Interlude, Teshome's Chat Chant and many more.

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