Cleaning your grinder

While cleaning a commercial grinder can be a more involved process, cleaning a consumer grinder is pretty straightforward. 

Daily Cleaning

Day to day grinder maintenance is simple, just remove the bean hopper and sweep the burs with a soft bristled brush. That’s really all there is to it. Ginders are usually built well and the amount of coffee the average consumer runs through them will not cause them to wear out very quickly. The sweeping is mostly about getting rid of old grounds.

Monthly Cleaning

Truth be told, this type of cleaning doesn’t have to be monthly, but you should still do it every so often. The easiest way is to use a grinder cleaner like the one made by Urnex and simply follow the directions on the package. If you are comfortable disassembling your grinder, you certainly can be even more thorough, but again the volume of coffee that the average consumer puts through a grinder will generally not be all that taxing on the machine. 

Caution: do not use water to clean your grinder. You may wipe the hopper with a slightly damp towel, but trying to run water through the body of the machine will immediately ruin the electronics. This is why we recommend a special cleaning solution. 

Caution: A common alternative to the cleaning solution is to run rice through your grinder to clean it. This can work, but most manufacturers won’t honor any warranty if the rice does cause damage. It’s often better to be safe and buy the right stuff for the job. 

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