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Perfect for gifts, employee benefits, or clubs

Build your own coffee community

Share coffee knowledge anywhere. Create your own personal coffee culture in a small town or an office building.

Make better mornings

Whether you are an employer, a community leader, or the ringleader of your group of friends, you can be the hero who helped everyone finally make good coffee in the mornings.

Start a new conversation

The world of coffee is deep and complex with endless subtleties to learn. Professional baristas can talk all day about coffee, coffee brewing, and the industry. You’ll never be without a conversation topic again. 

Small talk? Try coffee talk.

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Bellissimo Coffee Advisors and our workshops are not a career school or vocational school as defined by the Oregon State Dept. of Education


Day 1 – Coffee Theory
Day 2 – Brewing Coffee By Hand
Day 3 – Your Home Bar
Day 4 – Cafe Quality Espresso at Home
Day 5 – Milk and Latte Art


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