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25 years of coffee education

Since 1995 Bellissimo Coffee Advisors has helped entrepreneurs open specialty coffee shops.

For longer than any other coffee education or training business, Bellissimo Coffee Advisors has been the leader in the innovative and expansive specialty coffee industry. Its founder and Vice President, Bruce and Matt Milletto, expanded to open the American Barista & Coffee Workshops. Here, coffee business owners have benefited from our expertise and created successful operations around the globe.

We also own and operate Water Avenue Coffee, one the premier cafes and coffee roasters in the Pacific Northwest.

Meet Your Instructors


Barista and Coffee Roaster

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Mykel Vernon-Sembach fell in love with coffee as a journalism undergrad at Northern Arizona University. With 6 years of coffee experience, Mykel works diligently to experience every step it takes to get specialty coffee from seed to cup. From customer service to production roasting to harvesting, learning every aspect of the coffee trade is important to creating transparency and equity among all workers while empowering coffee enthusiasts to further connect with their morning cup. When she’s not working, Mykel enjoys rock climbing, riding her bike and saying hello to dogs.


Lead Barista Trainer, Espresso Technician, and Head of Quality Assurance

Dillon’s passion for coffee started in his home state of Texas. Shortly after, he moved to Portland and has been immersed in the unique scene here ever since. He currently works to train Water Avenue Coffee clients, troubleshoot equipment problems, and make sure Water Avenue products are all excellent. He is deeply passionate about sustainable growth in the coffee industry.


We’ve been at this for awhile


Years of Experience


Workshop Graduates


Successful Coffee Shops

Behind these numbers is a team of passionate coffee professionals ready to answer your questions and get you making better coffee.


Bellissimo Coffee Advisors founder Bruce Milletto was one of the earliest advocates of specialty coffee in the US. Since then, we have witnessed specialty coffee bloom into a wonderful community of innovators that we have supported every step of the way. Now our goal is to take specialty coffee and bring it directly to consumers.


It’s commonly thought that you have to trade convenience for specialty coffee, but we want you to have it all. Our training will make brewing great coffee at home almost as easy as hitting the button on a coffee maker. Plus, every cup will taste better knowing you put care and craft into it.

Whether you’re a hobbyist or an entrepreneur, we’re here to help you make better coffee.


Brought to you by Bellissimo Coffee Advisors

Bellissimo Coffee Advisors and our workshops are not a career school or vocational school as defined by the Oregon State Dept. of Education


Day 1 – Coffee Theory
Day 2 – Brewing Coffee By Hand
Day 3 – Your Home Bar
Day 4 – Cafe Quality Espresso at Home
Day 5 – Milk and Latte Art


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